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Cloud Web Hosting

Gaining more and more popularity in recent months and years is the cloud web hosting. So what is the buzz all about? It offers scalable hosting environment and you only pay for the resources you use or choose. It usually runs on several clustered servers allocating resources as needed to web sites and applications that are running in the cloud environment. Cloud hosting really is the best of all available hosting options at the moment as far as performance, cost and scalability are concerned. Performance can be the same as on dedicated hosting, it is flexible in terms of available resources and is cheaper than dedicated hosting. In some cases it can even be cheaper than virtual private server hosting. You start with low resources based plans and as your web site and traffic grows, you opt for better performance and higher resources. It is the easiest way of hosting for sites that are continuously growing and need more and more resources on regular basis. Usually hosting companies that offer cloud hosting allow for spikes in traffic and need of resources and will temporarily allow this to happen so you have the chance to react quickly and upgrade your options. With shared, virtual private server and dedicated hosting this is not possible and usually you experience downtime.

Since cloud web hosting option is quite new it is very important that you choose reputable web hosting company with highly skilled server technicians and administrators. Check all the reviews on the Internet and opt for an offer that has support included.

Advantages of Cloud Web Hosting

Disadvantages of Cloud Web Hosting

Who is it For?

Cloud computing is the perfect solution for application developers. It offers scalable hosting option for testing and live environment. Easy and fast upgrade means that you can follow the requirements of web applications in terms of resources needed and amounts of traffic in almost real time. As a result, lower down times can be achieved.