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Dedicated Hosting

As its name suggests the whole server is dedicated to just one client. No hundreds of thousands of unknown web sites and no sharing of resources. What you get with dedicated server hosting is complete control over your hosting environment. The whole computer is dedicated to you and you can choose the specifications yourself and you can choose between managing it yourself or you can hire server administrator to manage it for you. You can either rent the server itself or you can buy your own server and rent only a space in the data centre (collocation).

Dedicated server hosting is the ultimate solution in the web hosting world. The whole computer is dedicated to only run your web sites and web applications. It is perfect for high volume traffic web sites and ecommerce applications that are resource intensive. It is a totally different world in terms of pricing as well. On average dedicated hosting costs twenty to fifty times more than shared and ten to twenty times more than virtual private server hosting. That is for the server alone not including the cost of management and maintenance which can be either in house or outsourced.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

In many ways dedicated server is very similar to virtual private server hosting. Management is pretty much the same in terms of technical knowledge and costs. Still, many business owners and companies decide to use dedicated hosting due to better security and higher performance. Properly managed it offers stability that no other web hosting type can achieve. It will suit perfectly for demanding web applications and ecommerce web sites providing stable and fast hosting environment.