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Virtual Private Server Hosting

On the scale of web hosting solutions virtual private server (VPS) sits before shared and after dedicated server. VPS is very similar to dedicated because for the end user since it works in a similar way as far as specifications and performance are concerned. You can either go with managed or unmanaged solution. Managed solution already has everything you need to put your web site online, while unmanaged only provides technical environment for you to install the operating system and hosting software.

How VPS Works

Unlike with shared hosting, virtual private server does not share resources with other sites. It works like a standalone server even if it is not. VPS utilises virtualisation. That means that on one computer-server two or more separate virtual servers run. Virtualisation software assigns exact resources to each server. That way the user of this type of hosting gets exact minimum guaranteed resources. That also means that resources are easily scalable. Usually both Linux and Windows systems are available.

Advantages of Virtual Private Server Hosting

Disadvantages of Virtual Private Server Hosting

Target Market

VPS sits between shared and dedicated server hosting. For a lower price it offers dedicated server like features and resources so it is suitable for clients who outgrew shared hosting environment and are in need of a more powerful hosting solution. It is also suitable for dynamic and high visitors count web sites that will simply not work on shared hosting. Small business owners who want the full control of their hosting environment will appreciate VPS features and lower price and this type of hosting is probably everything they will ever need. Before opting for VPS take a closer look at the offer. If you want managed service let your hosting provider know about that. It comes at a price but can save you some headache down the road. If you have the knowledge and are certain that you can administer hosting server by yourself then VPS is the perfect solution for highly scalable and configurable hosting environment. It works great as a testing environment as well before going public with your website or web application on the dedicated server.